Responsible Gaming


I. Security
  1. Regulatory supervision
    Hausino is subject to the stringent guidelines and monitoring arrangements of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which issues licences for carrying out betting transactions. The goal of the MGA is to “competently regulate the different sectors of lotteries and the gambling industry; to ensure that all games are fair and transparent; to prevent criminal activities, corruption, and money laundering, and to protect minors and those who are prone to addictions.” The MGA is one of the most experienced European gambling regulatory authorities and has an enviable reputation.
  2. Account Security
    We place great emphasis on the technical security of our IT infrastructure in order to protect ourselves and our customers. This does not just mean that our fail-safe services are available 24/7. It is also extremely important to us that our systems are protected against unauthorised access. For this reason, Hausino submits to annual external audits to ensure adherence to ISO 27001 (IT requirements – Security procedures – Information security management systems).Just like Hausino, you can also use a few simple steps to protect your betting account from unauthorised access:Always log out before leaving the computer. This prevent third parties from gaining access.
    Never pass on your customer account, credit card or bank account details.
    Do not store information such as user names, passwords or payment data, or ensure it is properly protected.
    Create separate user profiles and passwords for all people who use the same computer. This means no-one can inadvertently gain access to personal information and programs.
    Do not save any passwords and never use the auto-fill feature.
  3. Protection of minors
    Minors as a risk group
    Minors are not legally permitted to take part in gambling. A variety of studies show that while only a small number of minors use gaming products, the proportion of gambling-related problems amongst this group is noticeably higher than the average. It must therefore be assumed that safe, trouble-free gambling is simply not possible with minors. Hausino has set stringent guidelines for precisely this reason.
    Hausino guidelines

    Hausino bans minors from participating in gaming under all circumstances. The registration of people under 18 years of age at Hausino infringes our terms and conditions and may result in the notification of relevant authorities.We take our responsibilities in this field very seriously, and trained staff at our betting offices and franchise partners carry out identity checks. The online sector is also stringently monitored. We carry out regular age verification on our customers. Minors are not allowed to enter our betting shops. This also applies if said minors are accompanied by siblings or legal guardians of legal age. Please note that any winnings for minors who have illegally used our services are null and void.If you suspect that your child has access to a betting account and uses yours or another identity to be able to gamble, then please report this immediately to our Customer service team.
    Tips for parents

    If you are a parent, then you have a special responsibility. It is your task to ensure that minors do not access your account – not even with your permission. Please follow our advice on account security.If you wish to restrict the availability of gambling sites on a computer, then filter software is available. This can be used on computers, and in some cases also on mobile phones, in order to prevent access to websites with gambling-related content. The software can grant access to a specific person or a specific group of people through password settings. This renders the content available only to authorised persons.Here are some examples of filter software that can be used to restrict access to gambling sites:
    Net Nanny
    Please note that Hausino cannot accept any liability for the effectiveness and features of these programs. The software programs named are merely examples of such applications. A number of similar products can be found on the Internet. Ensure that you are fully aware of how filter software works before installing it. Also note that some filter software is free whilst others come at a cost.
  4. Data Protection
    Hausino attaches great importance to legally compliant, transparent, secure and sparing use of your personal data.The only data obtained from you is that necessary for the purpose of communication and the provision of our services, as well as for associated legal obligations. Your personal data is only used for this purpose and is only stored for as long as is necessary or legally prescribed. Your personal data is only collected when required in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.Furthermore, your personal data is protected via technical and organisational measures when collecting, processing and saving said data, such that it is inaccessible to third parties and cannot be disclosed, modified or destroyed without your authorisation, or lost.More information on when and how we collect, process and save your personal data can be found in our privacy statement.
II. Integrity
  1. Security of deposits and winningsYour deposits are safe with us. As a regulated gambling operator, Hausino always holds customer deposits in a separate account. Your deposits are not combined with corporate capital in any form and therefore cannot be used, for example, to make payments to other players. Ultimately, this method ensures that your deposits are secure at all times – regardless of the company’s success – and can be paid out at any time. The process of paying out winnings is subject to extremely stringent regulatory monitoring. On the one hand, this ensures that every payment is subject to the necessary controls so that our services cannot be used for illegal purposes (e.g. money laundering). On the other hand, it ensures that payments are made to customers in full and without unnecessary delays after the required checks have been carried out.
  2. Fair rulesGeneral terms and conditionsThe current general terms and conditions (T&Cs) can be found here. We will inform you if it is necessary to make relevant changes to the T&Cs. If you have any questions regarding our T&Cs please contact our customer service team.Complaints and arbitrationIf you are unhappy with our service, then you can contact our customer service team at any time. If we are unable to solve the problem then you can send a formal complaint to complaints@hausino.com. The complaint should contain the following information and attachments:Scanned photo ID to enable verification of your identity
    An account of the chronology and reasons for the complaint
    All documents to back up this account
    We will carefully go over the matter and inform you of our decision within two weeks. If you do not agree with the decision, then you have the right to turn to an arbitration body.The following independent, accredited arbitration body is currently responsible for Hausino:eCOGRAAlternatively, you can file your dispute on the EU ODR Platform. In step 2 of the process, please name eCOGRA as the dispute resolution body, preferred by the trader.Hausino promises to always implement the decisions made by eCOGRA.
    Lastly, you have always the option to file your dispute with the Online Gaming Support of the Malta Gaming Authority.
  1. Fairness of casino gamesBefore going live, every single casino game must be checked and approved by the regulatory authorities. A particularly important part of such checks focuses on randomness. If a game shows a random process (e.g. shuffling cards, roulette wheels, slot machines…) then these must also actually be random. On the one hand, this means that random events during the game statistically occur as frequently as is set out in the rules. It also means that random events in a game cannot be influenced or predicted. The random generators used are therefore checked by accredited test laboratories
III. Information
  1. Account information
    Transparency and informed decisions are the fundamental principles of consumer protection. For this reason, it is important to us that our customers have a clear view of their gambling transactions. Our account statement makes this simple.You obtain an overview of all transactions for the selected time period within the last six months. If you require information regarding earlier transactions, please contact our customer service team.
  2. Probability of winning
    Information regarding the probability of winning is essential for an informed decision and realistic expectations. This is why Hausino provides customers with clear information about the odds of winning.Casino games are based on a random number generator. Whilst an individual result cannot be predicted, the behaviour of the random number generator can be described very accurately in statistical terms over a very large number of games. Every casino game offered by Hausino has a payout rate of at least 92 per cent. This means that 92 per cent of all wagers staked are paid back out to players according to the long-term statistical average.
  3. Game rules
    Our casino games generally come with an explanation of the rules, which always covers in-game options and odds of winning. These rules can be accessed directly from the game.
IV. Prevention
  1. Compulsive gambling
    For many people, betting and gambling are a form of entertainment. They participate without it being a cause of any problems for themselves or others. However, a small proportion of the population may experience serious problems when gambling. Current figures can be found in the Prevalence section.Compulsive gambling has been recognised as a mental disorder in international classification systems since 1980, as a result of which the affected party may experience serious financial, emotional, physical and relational problems.The current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) includes compulsive gambling in its list of addictions for the first time. Clinical diagnosis is based on an individual expressing at least four of the following criteria repeatedly or consistently in a twelve-month period:* Needs to gamble with increasing amounts of money in order to achieve the desired excitement.Restlessness or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling.
    * Has made repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop gambling.
    * Is often preoccupied with gambling (e.g. having persistent thoughts of reliving past gambling experiences, handicapping or planning the next venture, thinking of ways to get money with which to gamble).
    * Often gambles when feeling distressed (e.g. helpless, guilty, anxious, depressed).
    * After losing money gambling, often returns another day to get even (“chasing” one’s losses).
    * Lies to others to conceal the extent of involvement with gambling.
    * Has jeopardized or lost a significant relationship, job or educational or career opportunity because of gambling.
    * Relies on others to provide money to relieve desperate financial situations caused by gambling.
  2. Prevalence
    Prevalence rates provide information regarding the number of people who have done something over a certain period. According to the figures for 2015 from the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), around 37 per cent of Germans reported having taken part in some form of gambling during the last twelve months. During the same reporting period approximately 0.4 per cent of Germans report potentially addictive gambling behaviour. Germany is therefore in a similar position to many other EU countries.If considered only in relation to those who have taken part in some form of gambling, then the proportion of compulsive gamblers increases to around 1 per cent. In the case of people who participate in online sports betting, this risk increases to approximately 2.5 per cent.
    Gambling problems can affect anyone regardless of gender, age or social background. According to the BZgA, there are also socio-demographic factors that may increase the risk of problems associated with gambling. These include, amongst others, being male, under 25 years of age, having a lower level of formal education and a migration background.
  3. Rules for responsible gaming
    For us, responsible gaming means that we support our customers in ensuring safe, responsible gaming behaviour so that informed decisions can be made.We recommend that the following principles are followed so that gambling is purely a source of entertainment and does not result in any problems:* Remember that gaming is only for entertainment and does not represent a source of income.
    * Set yourself a limit with regard to the number of bets you place and do not wager more than you’re prepared to spend on entertainment.
    * Never wager money that you need for subsistence and for fulfilling financial obligations.
    * Do not take out loans and do not borrow money from other sources for betting or gambling.
    * Plan how much time you would like to spend on betting and gambling.
    * Stick to these plans regardless of whether you win or lose.
    * Do not bet or gamble if you are unfocused or under the influence of alcohol or medication. Take frequent breaks.
    * Do not gamble to help distract from disputes, disappointments, frustrations or problems.
    * Do not neglect your social environment, and take any reactions from your partner, family members, friends and work colleagues seriously.
    * Do not play in secret and do not neglect other hobbies.
    * It is important that you are honest with yourself. If it is difficult for you to follow these basic principles or individual points, then we recommend that you contact our customer service team or request professional help. You can find out more at Get help .
  4. Am I at risk?
    If you are concerned about your gambling, then you can use our self-assessment tool. This consists of only nine questions and can be helpful in terms of getting you to reflect on your own gambling behaviour. It is important that you reflect on your gambling activities over the last twelve months and that you are completely honest with yourself. Your answers are not saved at the end of the test.Information on this website cannot be used for diagnostic, treatment, or support purposes. Please get in touch with your doctor or an addiction advice centre.
  5. Limits
    If you gamble online, you always have the option of setting daily, weekly, or monthly limits.This enables you to place restrictions on your gambling which we will faithfully follow.
    Deposit limits
    Deposit limits enable you to determine how much money you can pay into your customer account per day, week or month. Restricting deposits is a very simple approach to limiting what is spent on gambling.
    Loss limits
    On the other hand, loss limits enable you to determine what you can lose on sports bets over a specific period of time. If you obtain winnings during the time period for which the limit applies, then these are calculated against the losses. This helps you ensure that you cannot lose more than a certain sum of money, even if there is more money in your betting account.
    Bet limits
    All bets placed per day, week, or month are totalled with a stake limit. As soon as the set limit is reached, then no further bets on casino games are allowed. Please note that the limit also applies even if you’ve won the majority of your bets.
    Time limits
    Time limits enable you to better plan the time you spend in a session. When you set a time limit, then you will be reminded of the said limit when this period of time has elapsed, before automatically being logged out.
  6. Breaks and self-exclusion
    If you sense that you are experiencing problems with gambling or you are worried about losing control over such activities, then you can exclude yourself at any time. Self-exclusion is an agreement between yourself and Hausino, during which Hausino forbids you from further betting and gambling at your request.If you are thinking about self-exclusion, then also consider contacting other providers with whom you have a betting account and request self-exclusion from them as well. Furthermore, we recommend installing filter software to block access to online gambling sites.

    An exclusion period can be selected in the case of a time-out. It is not possible to make any bets on Hausino website or deposit money into your account during this period. The account is automatically reopened at the end of this selected period. It is not possible to reverse it before this period has elapsed.
    Unrestricted block

    If you would like to exclude yourself for an indefinite period of time then this means your account is blocked until you revoke it. It is not possible to make any bets on Hausino websites or deposit money into your account during this period. Your self-exclusion can only be revoked after a minimum of twelve months at the earliest. Even then, we must check your application and cannot guarantee that we will allow the account to be reopened.
    Professional help
    Please bear in mind that such actions are only a first step and are rarely an actual solution for gambling problems. We therefore strongly advise that you obtain counselling from a support facility immediately after implementing self-exclusion.
  7. Concerned relatives
    If you are not a customer with us, but are worried about relatives, then you can find notes and suggestions here regarding what to do in such cases.If you would like to prevent children from gaining access to gambling services on the Internet, or you are worried that they have already come into contact with gambling, then useful information can be found at “Minors”. You will also find relevant information, in particular about blocking access to gambling products, under “Filter software”.If you are concerned about relatives, who are Hausino customers and who potentially demonstrate problematic gambling behaviour, then please contact us immediately.On principle, we cannot pass on information regarding our customers to third parties without authorisation. However, we take any information provided very seriously and will check it as meticulously as possible. It is therefore very important that you provide information that is as sound as possible, illustrating how the customer is jeopardising himself or others through gambling behaviour.If such suspicions are well-founded then we will speak to the customer and attempt to find an amenable solution. If this is not possible, then we will consider preventing the customer from gambling as a protective measure.Professional help is not just aimed at those with a gambling problem. We also recommend that relatives and friends of those affected obtain counselling from a support facility.Support services
    Our Player Protection team is available at any time to answer enquiries about player protection and responsible gaming. You can contact our Player Protection team here.If you are looking for professional help, then we recommend the following counselling services that provide anonymous advice for gambling addiction and problems related to gambling:Spielerambulanz der TU Dresden
    For Germany there is counselling service operated by the gambler clinic of the IAP in Dresden. Counselling is independent of Hausino, free of charge and can be conducted anonymously and is directed at gamblers or their relatives. You can reach the counselling hotline using the below toll-free number:
    Tel. 0800 084 74 26
    Tel. 0800 137 27 00

Spielsuchthilfe (Austria)
Tel. 0043 1 544 13 57

Gambling Therapy (multi-lingual)

Responsible Gaming Foundation (Malta)
Tel. 1777